Transport Loan


It is designed for transport unions as well as individual transport owners and operators.


  • Available to customers of ARB
  • Can be used to purchase either brand new or home used vehicles(not more than years from the date of manufacture)
  • The loan amount is dependent on the ability and capacity to repay
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Life insurance (for individual transport operators)
  • Comprehensive insurance vehicles


  • Resolution to borrow (in the case of Union)
  • Application letter for a loan (in the case of individual transport owners)
  • Valid national identification signatories to the account
  • One passport-sized photograph each of signatories to the account.
  • Provision of all relevant documents to be used as collateral for the loan
  • Provision of cash security
  • Executive guarantee (in the case of unions)


  • Increases the fleet of vehicles
  • For maintenance
  • Provides a solid platform for unions