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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly becoming part of good management practice, even to the extent that institutions that risk responsible behavior in their communities risk the chance of being “accepted” by the same community in which they take their employees, customers and suppliers.  The “show me” rather than “tell me” attitude of communities is assuming greater prominence.

Akuapem Rural Bank appreciates and believes that success requires a demonstration of the highest standards of behavior in the community whiles supporting some areas of national development.  Essentially, the driving philosophy and objectives of the Bank’s CSR are to affect the lives of citizens and encourage sustainable economic development in the catchment areas we operate in.

The Bank’s vision is to be the best bank in our communities by all standards and at all times.  Its mission is to provide first-class financial services to our customers. This mission is anchored on three key pillars:

  • The people
  • Services and processes
  • Create value for stakeholders

Akuapem Rural Bank has its people, it is bound by an exceptional corporate governance structure, and professionalism drives everything we do, underpinned by innovation.  

With a vision and a mission to be the best bank in its chosen market, the Bank believes that its success cannot be de-linked from a responsible social conscience.  As such, it seeks to proactively engage with all its stakeholders and manages its care for the community, the environment, its employees and indeed all other stakeholders with the same manner of professionalism that it attaches to its core business.

The Bank is conscious of the fact that today’s customer or investor looks out for a responsible and reputable institution to do business with.  That reputation can only be achieved with proactive management of the institution’s relationships across the board and going a step further to live a culture of responsible corporate behavior.

Currently, the Bank supports communities in the areas of education and civil society.

Focus on education

Seeing that good education is the bedrock of national development, Akuapem Rural Bank focuses on education as its contribution to building future skills for the development of the country.

In the last few years, the Bank’s contribution in this field has been as follows:

  • Provision of water storage tanks to second cycle institutions on the Akuapem Ridge
  • Donation of dual desks to primary schools
  • Provision of electronic pumps and drilling of boreholes to second cycle institutions on the Akuapem Ridge
  • Renovation of deprived primary schools

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