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Thank you for your interest in Akwapim Rural Bank Limited.

Our People
Our People are the main drivers of our business as our success revolves around them.

We value the diverse skills and capabilities that our employees bring to the bank. We work continuously to align these skills and capabilities with strategic and operational needs, while maintaining high levels of employee engagement and commitment.

We want our people to feel positive and enthusiastic about what they are doing, with a good sense of intention and assurance in their ability to meet challenges. This means providing them with effective leadership, clear targets, open lines of communication, excellent learning and development opportunities, and a healthy and safe workplace all within a culture where individual success depends solely on personal merit and performance.


Working at Akwapim Rural Bank

The Akwapim Rural Bank offers an environment that allows individuals to use their initiative.

Our employees are our priority. We understand that our success depends on providing our people with an environment in which they can thrive and expect their continued passion and commitment.

We aim to make working at Akwapim Rural Bank an engaging and fulfilling experience. We want people to be positive and enthusiastic about what they are doing, with a clear sense of purpose, and pride in their individual contribution to the bank’s success.

This means providing inspiring and effective leadership, open lines of communication, excellent learning and development opportunities, and competitive reward and benefits, and a culture of performance where good performance and success is celebrated.

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The different routes into Akwapim Rural Bank

  • Long-term careers
  • Fixed-term contracts
  • Internships
  • National Service

Internships/ National Service

We offer real responsibilities that give you a sense of what you would be doing, day to day, as a full-time employee. You will work alongside experienced staff within the Bank, as well as other smart, motivated people. Our unique internships provide great exposure to our Bank.

You will be required to follow our formal application process for all other roles.


What we look out for

  • Academic – A good academic qualification or better
  • Statutory and national regulatory requirements  – Completion of compulsory National Service
  • Skills – numeracy, aptitude, problem-solving, language, etc.
  • Knowledge – financial, business appreciation, expert in specific area
  • Competencies – acquired in relevant technical areas where prior experience is essential to effective delivery
  • Attitude – Can do, solution creation, teamwork, upholding the Brand, Volunteerism

We encourage you to apply, provided you share an interest in banking and have demonstrated strong academic performance and professional drive and meet the criteria as stated above.

What it takes to grow an Akwapim Rural Bank career

  • The right attitude
  • Commitment to achieving consistent result
  • Constant improvement
  • Self-Development

Developing yourself

Akwapim Rural Bank’s continued success depends on the skills of its employees; we are committed to developing the wide range of capabilities that our workforce offers.

We recognize the importance of continuous dialogue and feedback. Regular meetings between managers and other staff – as well as quarterly performance reviews – provide not only the opportunity to discuss work objectives and progress, but also to plan any further personal development that may be required to achieve the objectives, and to consider longer-term career goals.

We aim to build and maintain a culture which values, recognizes and rewards outstanding performance, where people share a commitment to the Bank’s objectives and to delivering their personal best. To help them achieve this, we encourage and support our people in developing their potential to the fullest. All our managers are responsible for working with each member of their team to agree to a personal development plan for that person, aligned to business needs and tailored to the individual’s skills and aspirations.

We have established career paths, and cross-functional moves are actively encouraged and supported, and we communicate job opportunities effectively within the company.

Our HR Team supports and provides employees with information and ideas on personal development planning.

We encourage people to share knowledge and experience to enhance individual and team contribution to business success.


We appreciate the importance of and believe in recognizing individual needs and rewarding good performance.

Our reward policy and practice closely links individual and team reward with business performance at each level, and ensures alignment of the Bank’s  employees’ and shareholders’ interests.

Our culture is one based on high performance. Our employees understand the link between their contribution and business priorities. Every employee recognizes the need to add value for customers and shareholders.

We offer a good blend of rewards, pay and benefits to meet varied and changing employee needs.

We make it a point to communicate widely with employees to ensure understanding of the total remuneration package and to get feedback that helps us build on best practice for the future.

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